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A quality Dallas sexual harassment attorney understands the severity of your situation and what’s at stake if an harassment suit gets out-of-hand. If you’re accused of sexual harassment, your career, your reputation and your family ties may be at stake. Moreover, you may face suspension, termination and could find it difficult to locate new employment.

If you’re the employer of someone accused of sexual harassment, your company may have to pay the resulting damages. Even worse, a sexual harassment allegation could generate extremely bad publicity for your business and negatively impact your ability to attract and hire qualified employees.

A Dallas Harassment Attorney You Can Trust

At Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, we have years of experience practicing harassment law and negotiating harassment settlements. If necessary, we have the trial expertise you need to successfully defend a sexual harassment claim in court.

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If you’ve been accused of sexual harassment, every second you wait to contact an attorney is a second that the plaintiff is building its case against you. Call Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP to set up a consultation with one of our sexual harassment defense attorneys today.