Defending Your Business Against Personal Injury Claims

Even the most conscientious business can fall victim to a false allegation of negligence, seriously affecting its bottom line. The plaintiffs have aggressive counsel. As a business owner, why shouldn’t you?

At Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, we provide aggressive representation to businesses in Texas and throughout the nation.

Don’t be intimidated by an aggressive personal injury lawyer pursuing a product liability claim against your company. Contact us at 214.231.0555 for equally aggressive advocacy to protect your business.

Texas-Based Nationwide Representation

From New York in the east to California in the west, we have focused our efforts on defending businesses involved in complex personal injury cases, particularly those involving asbestos litigation. Too much is at stake, specifically the reputation and overall existence of your business. Do not put it in the hands of less experienced insurance defense attorneys.

At Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, our insurance defense attorneys take the cases that other law firms deem too complicated and challenging.

Meeting Your Need for Experienced Advocacy

Businesses need advocacy as much as those who allegedly suffered injuries from nursing home abuse or make allegations of sexual harassment or deceptive trade practices.

Whether your case involves an appeal or class action lawsuit, you can rely on a seasoned attorney at our firm to focus on your case. You will be matched with a litigator who is experienced in solving the specific problems you and your business are facing.

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