Victimized by Deceptive Trade Practice Accusations

A consumer who feels victimized by a fraudulent transaction can wreak havoc in any business operation. At Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, we will build a strong defense for alleged violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act based on the facts.

There is truly no fury like a customer scorned. When hard-earned money is spent and expectations are not met, you need the type of aggressive representation that we provide. Contact us at 214.231.0555

Aggressive Defense for Manufacturers and Dealers

The Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) protects consumers when they purchase or lease goods and services valued up to $500,000. Our defense of clients from allegations made under the DTPA has involved manufacturers and dealers of manufactured homes, motorcycles, automobiles and recreational vehicles (RVs). Businesses in that industry and many others are often the targets of disgruntled consumers.

We Do Not Shy Away From the Courtroom

At Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, our attorneys are more than confident in their experience and knowledge of consumer law to represent your business. We do not shy away from the prospect of commercial litigation. The courtroom is where we thrive. This confidence has resulted in favorable verdicts for our clients being accused of violating the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and lemon laws.

Do not allow your reputation to be tarnished by disgruntled customers making false allegations. Protect yourself. Protect your business.

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