Possessing Insight into Handling Class Action Cases

Successful class action litigation requires resources, legal knowledge and an insight into the perspectives of both plaintiffs and defendants. At Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, we bring all those attributes to the handling of class action legal matters.

Defending yourself against one litigant is challenging. Defending yourself against multiple plaintiffs is daunting, if not overwhelming. You need experience at your side.

Aggressive Advocacy to Get Results in a Class Action Lawsuit

The attorneys at Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, can provide the representation you need in a class action lawsuit involving,

  • Asbestos personal injury
  • Toxic tort & product liability
  • Product warranty
  • Lemon law
  • Deceptive trade practices act
  • Employment law
  • Insight involving both sides

Insight into how both sides litigate a class action suit is paramount to a successful verdict. Not many attorneys possess that point of view but we do. Knowing the process by which a plaintiff or defendant attorney formulates his or her case gives us the tools to counter it.

The Need for Extensive Class Action Litigation Experience

The consequences of an unsuccessful class action lawsuit defense can be financially devastating and could result in the end of your business operations. You need experience coupled with an aggressive and insightful approach. Do not put your defense in the hands of an attorney who has only worked on one side of the courtroom in class action litigation.

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