We Diligently Litigate Asbestos-Related Claims

Manufacturing and insurance companies throughout the nation know that for an effective asbestos defense, they can contact the attorneys at Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP. Our practice in this complicated area of personal injury law goes far beyond our offices in Dallas-Forth Worth and the boundaries of Texas.

Too much is at stake in a claim of personal injury related to asbestos exposure. The plaintiffs have aggressive representation. So should you. Your first step should be to contact us at 214.231.0555.

A Trial May Be Your Best Option

You may have already retained an attorney to handle your asbestos defense case. However, that supposedly aggressive lawyer is seeking to resolve the claim short of trial. Many times, settlement is anything but the best option. The evidence may need to be brought into the light of a courtroom. That is where we come in as your diligent advocates.

Aggressive Asbestos Defense Litigators

At Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, we pride ourselves on being seasoned asbestos defense attorneys for many Fortune 500 companies. More importantly, we are aggressive litigators who get involved at the trial stage. There is a science to asbestos disease. That science requires knowledge of products that cause exposure, the medicine involved to treat it and the evidence required to prevail.

That knowledge and experience have resulted in verdicts in favor of our clients. Do not put such an important legal matter in the hands of a less experienced defense attorney who shies away from the courtroom.

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