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At Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, we have the experience you need to win your case in an appeals court. Our attorneys have appeared before Texas appeals courts multiple times and are licensed to practice before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

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After a judge or jury has reached a decision in court, the losing party can file an appeal to dispute the outcome of the case. The case then goes to a state appellate court. Appellate courts don’t hear new evidence or retry the case. Instead, they review the trial court proceedings to see if proper procedures were followed and if the proper law was applied.

Arguing before an appeals court is much different than before a trial court. Your attorney must have a firm understanding of the spirit of the law as well as the legal nuances that could overturn the previous decision. At Bailey Crowe Arnold & Majors LLP, our team of legal experts has the experience and depth of knowledge you need to file a successful appeal.

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